Sunvoyager solfar


The Location of Sólfar / Sun Voyager in Iceland

The original intention had been for Sun Voyager to be situated in the west part of Reykjavík Islandia for obvious reasons.  Jón Gunnar’s original idea had been for the ship to be placed on Landakot hill, the prow facing the centre of Reykjavík  and  the stern Landakot church.

Another possibility was that it could be placed by the harbour in the centre of Reykjavík on a specially constructed base.
The coastline by Ánanaust nonetheless eventually came to be Jón Gunnar’s preferred location for the ship. Unfortunately, changes in the town planning for Reykjavík came to rule out this location.

In the end, the final decision was taken (with Jón Gunnar’s consent) that Sun Voyager should be located on Sæbraut on a small headland.
Jón Gunnar was well aware that when bolted to its platform, Sun Voyager would be facing north,  but felt that this made no real difference for the overall concept.

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